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Pioneering sulfate-free surfactant chemistry

Consumers expect cleansing products to provide rich foam with a pleasing after-feel. The choice of surfactant in achieving this, especially in premium or specialist products, is key.

Our comprehensive range of easy-to-use, mild surfactants and performance blends offers dense, luxurious foams in:

  • Shampoos
  • Body and face washes
  • Bath foams
  • Shower gels
  • Beauty and syndet bars
  • Baby care

Iselux® - the clear solution for luxurious lather

A technological breakthrough in surfactant chemistry, Iselux® (Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate) is unique in its delivery of dense foam with a rich, elegant after-feel in mild and clear formulations.

As a sulfate-free surfactant, Iselux® offers further appeal for those targeting label-conscious consumers. A functional alternative to ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate, Iselux® leads the way in sulfate-free.

Ideal as a primary or secondary surfactant, Iselux® is the clear choice for sulfate-free innovation.

The latest additions to our Iselux® range are three optimized surfactant bases that are simple to use and offer optimum performance.

  • Iselux® SFS – add salt and water to this concentrated blend for stable shampoo and bodywashes
  • Iselux® SLC – for structured liquid systems that offer outstanding foam volume and quality

Pureact – mild functional surfactants

Our Pureact range of mild surfactants includes nearly 20 different options to meet varying requirements.

Choose from:

  • Isethionate series – for creamy, dense lather in opaque formulations
  • Taurate surfactants – high flash-foaming and stable across a wide pH range for transparent hair and skin cleansing applications

Our range includes:


High flash-foaming taurate surfactants which are stable across a wide pH range and ideal for transparent hair and skin cleansing applications.


Gentle yet effective cleansers that produce high foam at low levels and aid in building viscosity of surfactant systems


Mild, naturally derived surfactants that provide foam stability and are stable over a wide pH range


Demonstrates excellent foam stabilization properties and compatibility with solvents and anionics


These unique, sulfate-free surfactants enable the creation of crystal clear liquid products that are exceptionally luxurious and gentle on the skin.


Extremely mild and compatible with other surfactants as well as ideal as co–surfactants and coupling agents 


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