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Skin cleansing products, including face washes, bath and shower gels, beauty + syndet bars, are chosen by consumers for their functional properties and positioning. Guaranteed to clean or cleanse your skin, added features that appeal to consumers include natural positioning, added skin health benefits and mildness for specialist sensitive skin applications.

Natural or sulfate-free cleansing products are often clear and colorless or have a very subtle color. This helps them to appeal to consumers who are concerned about the affect of chemicals on their skin. However, creating luxurious foam in clear formulations can be challenging.

That’s why we created Iselux® - the revolutionary sulfate-free surfactant that provides rich lather in crystal clear formulations.

Recent additions to the Iselux® range include our simple to use, optimized performance blends, Iselux® SFS for bodywashes and Iselux® SLC for structured systems.

Other key ingredients for skin cleansing applications include:

  • Pureact surfactants for high flash foaming in transparent skin cleansers
  • Finsolv® and Activemol solubilizers for mild, emollient formulations
  • Activsoft and Condicare conditioning agents for enhanced skin softness
  • Natrlquest® chelating agents for stabilizing wash-off applications
  • Activsoft S and Aminol® rheology modifiers for optimum viscosity
  • Activsoft MS 100 mini cleansing sponge to aid skin cleansing

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