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Amino Functional Silicone Fluids

Dimethisil® NH fluids are a range of cationic based silicone fluids which have a strong affinity to both hair and skin. These raw materials can be modified by amine content, molecular weight and side functional groups. They are used primarily as key components in hair conditions and deep treatment products for their ability to reduce fly away, control frizz, add shine and hair softness.

Our range includes:

Dimethisil NH-100

INCI Name: Aminopropyl Dimethicone

Cost-effective, leave in conditioning solution for color treated hair. Improves wet and dry combing and color protection.


Dimethisil NH-400

INCI Name: Amodimethicone

Strong substantive cationic diamine silicone polymer. Leaves a light and greaseless after-feel.

Dimethisil NH-800

INCI Name: Amodimethicone

Powerful affinity for hair which results in a final product with longer lasting benefits such as decreased fly away, improved wet and dry comb and feel.

Dimethisil NH-1000

INCI Name: Amodimethicone

Combines the benefits of amino and polyether silicone technologies. Ideal for use in conditioning shampoos targeted to dry and damaged hair. Delivers unsurpassed moisturizing and conditioning. Enhances hair body and wave.

Dimethisil NH-2080

INCI Name: Amodimethicone (and) Aminopropyl Dimethicone

Highly substantive amino silicone has affinity for hair resulting in a finished product that delivers longer lasting benefits. Adds silky softness to hair and improves color depth and longevity when used in semi-permanent color products.


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