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Rheology Modifiers

Feeling smooth and silky 

The texture and feel of personal care products on the skin and hair is important to consumers. Often, due to the complexity of formulations, rheology modifiers are needed to ensure optimum end product consistency and feel.

Our rheology modifiers help to build viscosity, boost foaming properties and stabilize surfactant systems for premium personal care products.

Choose from:

  • Activsoft S – naturally-derived polymer and foam stabilizer, compatible with most common surfactants
  • Aminol® CM Flakes – surfactant for building viscosity in aqueous systems
  • Rhesperse RM 100 – for thickening skin care products without the need for neutralization

Our range includes:

Activsoft S

INCI Name: Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum, CAS number: 9000-30-0

Off-white to pale yellow powder. Naturally derived viscosity building polymer and foam stabilizer. Does not require neutralization

Rhesperse RM100

INCI Name: Sodium Polyacrylate, CAS number: 9003-04-7

95% active fine white powder. For easy thickening of oil-in-water emulsions. No need for neutralization


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