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Effective and targeted metal ion control in industrial processing

Innospec’s chelating agents are used for metal ion control in a variety of industrial applications, such as metal treatment applications, rust removers and electro-less plating solutions.

Low-corrosive metal cleaning additives

Chelants are used extensively as additives in formulations designed to clean metal surfaces.

In such applications, formulations must be able to provide effective metal cleaning performance, without corroding the surface.

Innospec’s Enviomet™ chelants can be used as highly effective, low-corrosive cleaning additives in metal cleaning formulations. They are an effective solution for products designed for use on iron, copper, zinc and aluminium.

Enviomet™ offers significant advantages over commonly used alternatives, such as EDTA. It selectively removes deposits of unwanted metal oxides, while protecting delicate surfaces such as aluminium.

In comparison to EDTA, Enviomet™ is less corrosive to metals over a wide pH range.  It is particularly effective as an ingredient for the surface cleaning of aluminium, offering an anti-corrosive effect and minimal discoloration on the surface.

Rust Removal

Typical rust removers use phosphorous acid-based ingredients to remove rust (iron oxide) from metal surfaces.

These highly acidic products require careful handling during use and disposal. The low pH can also cause hydrogen embrittlement of the surfaces, leaving them weakened in future use.

Innospec’s Enviomet chelants are highly effective, neutral pH rust removers which eliminate iron oxide efficiently without hydrogen embrittlement.

The chelants remove rust in a few hours at room temperature, and within minutes at 60°C, leaving surfaces clean, undamaged and ready for recoating.

Safe and effective plating solutions

Chelants are also used extensively to control the stability of electro-less plating solutions used to deposit metals into substrates.

The problem with many chelating agents is that non-biodegradable chelants must be removed prior to the disposal of any rinse waters. This reduces the efficiency of the entire process.

As a readily biodegradable ingredient, Enviomet™ can be successfully used in an electroless plating solution without the need for removal. Replacing non-biodegradable chelants with Enviomet™ in such applications involves no compromise in performance.

Innospec’s EDDS-based chelants have been proven to provide performance that is comparable to EDTA in electro-less plating applications.


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