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When it comes to dishwashing products, consumers demand detergents that breakdown stubborn stains and provide clean and shiny end results, with minimal effort. Our ground-breaking chelating technology helps formulators deliver high performance, biodegradable dishwash applications.

Dirt and stains found on dishes and in tap water commonly contain metal ions. In the washing process, these ions can catalytically break down the oxidative species in bleach-based formulations, significantly reducing performance.

Transition metal ions are particularly dramatic in their ability to accelerate peroxide decomposition.

Chelants are commonly used in dishwashing applications to control metal ions’ adverse affects. Chelating agents also help discolor and destabilize stains by binding with metal, helping break stains down.

Innospec’s Enviomet™ chelating agents are particularly suitable for dishwash applications. Its unique chemistry ensures performance is unparalleled.

Key benefits of Enviomet™ in dishwash applications include:

  • Concentrated targeting of transition metals to achieve superior peracid release and stability throughout the wash
  • Effective inhibition of scale build-up that is caused by alkalinity
  • Superior reduction of calcium salts-induced spotting on glassware.

Enviomet™ can be used as both a builder and chelating agent, and can be easily incorporated into liquid detergents (Enviomet™ C140).

Innospec’s Enviomet™ range also offers a multitude of additional environmental benefits. These include:

  • Free from NTA, formaldehyde, cyanide and phosphorous
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Eco-label approved and REACH compliant.

Enviomet™ can help formulators meet all current and up-coming environmental legislation while improving the performance of their dishwash products.


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