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Supporting a safe and efficient aviation sector

We supply tetraethyl lead (TEL) to the general aviation (GA) market under our trade name, AvTEL. It is the only antiknock additive in the world approved for use in avgas.  The additive is used in piston engine aircraft to improve octane quality, fuel performance and engine efficiency.

A significant number of aircraft around the world can only safely operate using leaded fuels, such as 100LL aviation gasoline (avgas).

Research has shown that there is currently no effective alternative to the use of TEL in avgas.

AvTEL fully complies with the composition and specifications laid out for such additives in Standards ASTM D910 and UK DEF STAN 91-90.

Our commitment to aviation

As the world's only manufacturer of TEL, we fully recognise our responsibility to the GA industry.

Innospec has made a long-term commitment to manufacture and supply AvTEL to the aviation industry until a suitable unleaded alternative is found.

While there is continued demand for 100LL avgas, we will maintain our support of the industry throughout the product’s phase-out.

We also work closely with GA stakeholders to support their efforts to find a technical and cost effective alternative to leaded avgas.


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