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Fluid-Loss Control Materials (LCM)

Complete control over productivity and performance

Effective fluid loss control is a significant concern for the oilfield industry. The impact on productivity, performance, cost, the environment and safety means that specialist knowledge and reliable solutions are key.

At Innospec, we’ve recently enhanced our Oilfield Specialties capability with the acquisition of Strata Controls. Drawing on Strata Controls’ substantial project experience across a wide range of applications, we now offer complete mud and fluid loss control solutions for oil and gas drilling.

FRAC-ATTACK® - complete lost circulation pill for severe applications

  • Fast acting and cost effective solution to lost circulation
  • Suitable for all types of fractures, vugular formations, weak channelling zones, underground cross-flow and blowout situations
  • Preparation, mixing and application advantages to solve lost circulation challenges
  • Available in formulations for light, normal and heavy density mixtures.

STRATA VANGUARD® - innovative approach to initial lost circulation

  • Chemical and loss control material blend to provide a single solution for lost circulation downhole
  • Mixes easily with existing fluid and existing rig equipment
  • Covers all particle shapes, sizes and types
  • Eliminates the need for other loss control material products
  • Saves on transportation costs
  • Environmentally safe.

STRATA-FLEX® - unique elastomeric sealant material

  • Unique, precisely graded and inert sealant material
  • High compressibility and deformability characteristics
  • Controls seepage loss in depleted formations and prevents differential sticking
  • Withstands high differential pressures
  • Available in medium and fine grades.

Our fluid loss control solutions can meet your challenging application needs. 

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