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Culture And Values

As a company driven by strong values and principles we continuously strive to meet these high standards. Through our core values, we remain focused on sharing best practice and celebrate success across our business. Our values and principles also help us maintain the highest standards of corporate governance and integrity in all our business activities.

Our core values are:

  • Sustainable development: Meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders
  • Customer focus: The customer is the most important person to the organization
  • Innovation: The profitable management of creativity
  • People: Making a difference makes us successful

Our culture

Our culture helps our team to meet our values in everything they do, while also encouraging everyone at Innospec to drive the company forward.

While it can be difficult to tangibly demonstrate in our day-to-day activities, we endorse a culture where people are rewarded and recognized for the performance they give to the company.

We have introduced processes to demonstrate this. All employees, regardless of their role and where they are based, participate in an annual bonus scheme, rewarding them based on a combination of company and individual performance. Through this unified approach to rewarding performance, we can all share in the company’s success.

At Innospec, we encourage our people to aspire to a culture that is:


We know what is expected of us and take responsibility for our own workload. We assume responsibility for making decisions and are flexible in our dealings with people. We take additional responsibility to meet customer needs and enhance performance.


We take pride in being good at what we do and actively seek to enhance our knowledge and skills to help improve performance. We use our expertise co-operatively to meet customer needs and enhance our performance. We respect each other and listen carefully to understand others' points of view.


As an organization, we are open and transparent. We encourage and welcome feedback and we support people to deal with any unwelcome messages.


Our people are forward thinking and inspired. We enjoy challenges and encourage new ideas. We seek continual improvement and care about treating people well through periods of change.


We are performance driven, enthusiastic and quick to respond. We set clear targets and objectives and take satisfaction in achieving them. We want to be part of a successful team and business and we make decisions quickly and implement them.

Our culture and values are at the heart of our success. To find out more about how you can be part of our journey, contact us today.


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